It’s not only businesses that drive vans; you might prefer to drive a van over a car (we do!) or you might have a need for a van if you do a lot of fishing or mountain biking. Fear not as we are able to offer Personal Contract Hire on any new van!


Similar to a Contract Hire (for a business), Personal Contract Hire or PCH, allows you to drive a new vehicle, for a fixed term and mileage and hand the van back at the end of the agreement. You effectively only pay for the use of the vehicle rather than worrying about the full cost of the vehicle, its depreciation or having to sell the vehicle when you’re done with it. It also gives you the opportunity to upgrade your vehicle more regularly than if you owned it.


The finance agreement will require that you commit to a fixed-term, usually between 2-5 years, a fixed mileage and an initial rental payment (deposit). You will also be expected to maintain the vehicle in line with the manufacturer servicing schedule as well as look after it and ensure it is returned in a fair condition. An optional maintenance plan can be added on to cover routine servicing, breakdown and tyre replacement.


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