Isuzu D-Max Van Leasing

Since producing its first passenger car in 1919, Isuzu has made its name as a leading Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer. As a producer of predominantly diesel-powered trucks, Isuzu is famed for its innovation, reliability and high-quality motors. Isuzu pride themselves on producing the tough, durable pickup truck that is built to withstand all off-road conditions. If you’re a professional seeking van with both style and rugged efficiency, then look no further than Isuzu.

Isuzu Van Leasing Deals

At Crusader Vans, we are proud to offer the latest top-of-the-range Isuzu D Max trucks – available on quality Isuzu lease deals that we’ll tailor to suit you and your business.


Isuzu D Max

As the first pickup truck awarded a five-star Euro NCAP crash rating, the Isuzu D Max pickup truck is a tough cookie, built with safety in mind. It boasts leading levels of safety equipment, including the Intelligent Driver Assisted System (IDAS) with its autonomous emergency braking, lane-keep assistance, and blind spot monitoring, to name a few. But it’s not only safe; it’s also a real workhorse, with a payload capacity of over 1000kg. The cabin includes a 7-inch infotainment display, slide-out cup holders, comfy adjustable seats and good storage space around the centre console area. Well-equipped with plenty of off-road capability and light steering, the Isuzu D Max is a pickup truck suited for both work and the family.

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Why Choose Crusader Vans

At Crusader Vans, we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading van leasing companies, with over 10 years’ of experience providing quality top-of-the-range van leasing deals to our customers. Over the years, we have developed great working relationships with many of the UK’s top vehicle manufacturers, dealer groups and finance companies – so you can be confident that you’re working with a company with expertise in the industry.

Unsure where to start? Worry not! Our expert team can guide you through the process and will help you find quality Isuzu lease deals that fit your requirements.

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Why Lease An Isuzu Truck?

Isuzu goes above and beyond in producing quality trucks that suit its target audience. They know what their customers want, and this is why Isuzu offers some of the most in-demand 4x4s on the market.

Crusader Vans are able to offer quality Isuzu D Max leasing deals on the latest Isuzu pickup trucks with great off-road capability, impressive payload capacity and spacious interior, ideal for both work and leisure activities.



At Crusader Vans, we provide tailored Isuzu Van Lease deals for our customers and can quote you for any van on a range of finance packages from finance lease to contract hire.

The main types of Van Leasing Finance options we provide are summarised below:


Van Contract Hire

By far the most commonly-used form of vehicle leasing, Contract Hire is when you lease the vehicle for a set time period at a fixed monthly cost. Once the leasing period has ended, you’ll then return the van to the leasing company. With contract hire, there is also the option of a maintenance package. You can benefit from a low deposit.

Learn more on Van Contract Hire here.


Van Hire Purchase

This is when you pay for your van in regular instalments. After an initial deposit (which can be as little as one month’s fee), payments are spread out over a certain period. Once the final payment (including the option to purchase fee) has been made, you will then have full ownership of the vehicle.

Learn more on Van Hire Purchase here.


Van Lease Purchase

Like a hire purchase, Van Lease Purchase is when you pay for your van in regular instalments, but instead of an initial deposit being made, you can make advance payments. Once the option to purchase fee has been paid, you will own the vehicle.

Learn more on Van Lease Purchase here.


Van Finance Lease

Van Finance Lease is when you pay a monthly rental fee for the van, which you will then eventually be required to sell, receiving an agreed percentage of the profits.

Learn more on Van Finance Lease here.


We’re proud to work with A-Plan, one of the UK’s biggest van insurance companies, offering quality insurance deals on our Isuzu commercial vehicles.

When you choose to insure your van through us, we will ensure you get the best possible insurance deal on your vehicle.

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Isuzu Van Lease FAQs

We’ve put together some of the most commonly-asked questions on van leasing:


Is it best to lease a van if self-employed?

Absolutely! Although only you’ll really know what’s best for you, there are many advantages to leasing a van over purchasing one as a self-employed person. For a start, you’ll be running a brand-new van and paying low monthly rental costs, so you won’t face the burden of paying a large upfront payment if you buy outright. Furthermore, the monthly fees are tax-deductible, meaning if you declare the fees when you file your annual accounts, then they will be taken off your tax bill. You’ll also receive a full manufacturer’s warranty.


Is a van lease 100% tax deductible?

Yes, with a van lease, 100% of tax is deductible. When you use it for work purposes, it’s technically an ongoing expense, and providing that you meet all the criteria, you can claim the fees when you file your annual business accounts.


What do I need to lease a van?

To lease a van in the UK you’ll need a valid driving license and to complete a credit application, so your credit rating can be checked.


Is there a VAT restriction on leased vans?

There are no restrictions on claiming back VAT paid on leased vans. They are considered commercial vehicles and are an ongoing expense, so they are eligible for 100% VAT, whatever lease or finance plan you’re on.


Do you pay insurance on a leased van?

Yes, leased vehicles must be insured on a fully comprehensive insurance policy, and this will be covered by you, the leaseholder.

To learn more about insurance through Crusader Vans, contact our team today.

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