Citroen Dispatch 180PS Auto Enterprise Pro M 1400

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Partner to the pros, Citroën Dispatch comes in 2 versions suitable for all trades. The Driver version, available in M and XL, is specially designed for companies and their employees who have to make long trips or numerous deliveries in urban areas.


The Enterprise version is also available in a third size XS (4.60 m), specially adapted for professionals who mainly drive in the city. Thanks to its smaller height of 1.9 m on the XS and M versions (1.94 m on the XL version), Citroën Dispatch can easily enter all the car parks that are usually difficult to access for vehicles of this type.


Available in size M and XL, the Driver version was specially designed for professionals who have to make long journeys or numerous deliveries in urban areas.  For optimal driving comfort, the model includes acoustic and thermal enhancements and Citroën Connect Nav on the 7 inch touchscreen. To reduce risks on the road it also comes with a range of driving aids, including the Top Rear Vision reversing camera that provides a 180° view, front and rear parking assistance and a blind spot monitoring system to help prevent accidents.


The XS Enterprise version of the Citroën Dispatch was designed for professionals looking for agility and easy parking in the city, thanks to its compact 4.6 m length and load volume of up to 5.1 m³. It comes with all the driving aids you need for daily driving in urban areas, such as a reversing camera and parking assistance. Standing 1.9 m tall, it can access underground parking and all shopping centre car parks.


Citroen Dispatch Dimensions and Payload


Overall length: 4959mm

Overall height: 1895mm

Overall width: 2204mm

Load volume: 5.3 m3

Gross payload: 975Kg

Loading height: 1397mm

Loading length: 2510mm

Loading width: 1628mm

Vehicle weight: 2635Kg


Moduwork and Extended Cabin


Your everyday partner, the Citroën Dispatch comes with many innovative features such as Moduwork, a means of raising the side passenger seat so you can transport long objects through the bulkhead hatch. Likewise, with the Crew Van versions, there is no need to choose between passenger and load space: they can accommodate up to 6 people while offering a loading space of up to 4m³. The space under the passenger bench allows the transportation of long objects up to 2.40m.

With the Moduwork option, the Citroën Dispatch can transport objects up to 4m in length. Once the side passenger seat is lifted up against the partition, the hatch opens and its door is fixed to the side. The flat floor allows your cargo to slide easily through the hatch. Accompanied by an anti-slip net on the side of the driver’s seat, the Moduwork extends your loading length by 1.16m (giving you up to 4m of usable length in the XL version).


Optimised Architecture


Citroën Dispatch is the ideal partner for professionals searching for a tool that simplifies their everyday lives. Clever, modern and functional, Citroën Dispatch is aimed at a wide range of professionals. Whether you are a tradesperson, craftsperson, courier, in the construction sector or in a service industry, there is a Dispatch for you! Efficient, practical and ergonomic, it has a latest generation modular platform. Offering a load capacity of up to 1,400 kg, 6.6 m³ of loading volume and pulling up to 2.5 tonnes of trailer, the Dispatch is a heavyweight.


3 Tailored Sizes


The Citroën Dispatch van range is tailored to the needs of many businesses, whether on construction sites, on the road, or in cities. It is available in 3 lengths. In addition to the two lengths, M (4.95 m) and XL (5.3 m), Citroën Dispatch also has XS versions measuring 4.6 m that are both compact and practical and designed for urban life, providing better agility in the city.

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