Citroen Dispatch Van Lease

Navigating the world of commercial vehicles can be daunting, but with the Citroen Dispatch, your choice becomes clear. With a seamless blend of performance, space, and efficiency, the Citroen Dispatch stands out amongst its counterparts, making it a top choice for businesses and individuals. Our tailored lease options mean that you can now access the wide range of benefits of the Dispatch without the long-term commitment of a purchase.


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Why Lease a Citroen Dispatch?

Compact in design yet brimming with capability, the Citroen Dispatch emerges as a premier choice for those considering van leasing options. Its unique blend of comfort and performance ensures smooth journeys even when carrying heavy cargo. If you’re in the market for a vehicle that epitomises the essence of a true workhorse, then look no further than the Citroen Dispatch. It’s not just a van; it’s a commitment to efficiency and reliability.


Citroen Dispatch M 1000 Enterprise Pro 100ps

The Citroën Dispatch M 1000 Enterprise Pro 100ps is a versatile vehicle tailored for professionals. With a load capacity of up to 1,400 kg and the innovative Moduwork feature, it can transport objects up to 4m in length. Designed for both city and long-distance driving, its ergonomic seats and advanced shock absorption ensure maximum driving comfort. This model seamlessly combines efficiency with practicality, making it an essential tool for diverse professional needs.

View Citroen Dispatch M 1000 Enterprise Pro 100ps


Citroen e-Dispatch M 1000kg Enterprise Pro 100kw 75kWh Auto

This fully electric van emerges as a formidable ally for professionals necessitating urban and extended travel, boasting an impressive electric range of up to 196 miles and a rapid charging capability of up to 80% in merely 30 minutes. Notably, the vehicle does not compromise on load volume, functionality, and equipment, ensuring that users can transport goods efficiently while also adhering to low emission zone regulations. Furthermore, the e-Dispatch ensures optimal driving comfort with ergonomically designed front seats, a high driving position, and smooth running gear, while also transforming the cabin into a mobile office, complete with a writing tray and a tablet stand, thereby amalgamating convenience and functionality in a sustainable transport solution.

View Citroen e-Dispatch M 1000kg Enterprise Pro 100kw 75kWh Auto


Citroen Dispatch M Driver Edition 2.0 145PS

With its robust 2.0 145PS engine, this Dispatch is crafted for professionals who navigate through both urban and long-distance journeys, ensuring a blend of performance and practicality. This variant, available in M and XL sizes, is laden with acoustic and thermal enhancements, coupled with Citroën Connect Nav on a 7-inch touchscreen, ensuring optimal driving comfort and effortless navigation through various terrains and locales. Notably, the M Driver Edition prioritises safety with a suite of driving aids, including a Top Rear Vision reversing camera offering a 180° view, front and rear parking assistance, and a blind spot monitoring system, thereby mitigating risks and enhancing the safety quotient during transit and manoeuvring in tight urban spaces.

View Citroen Dispatch M Driver Edition 2.0 145PS


Citroen Dispatch Vortex Enterprise Pro

Boost the aesthetics and features of your Citroen Dispatch with the exclusive Vortex Enterprise Pro kit. This unique offering, available only through Vortex, adds a sporty flair with components like the 18″ Alkatec EVO in sleek black, a one-piece front splitter with side skirts, and a rear door spoiler. Not only does it enhance the visual appeal, but it also complements the Dispatch’s innate versatility, whether you’re navigating urban jungles with the compact XS Enterprise version or enjoying lengthy journeys with the Driver version. Enhance your professional edge and make a statement on the roads.

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Citroen Dispatch XL 1400 Enterprise Edition 145ps

This Dispatch comes with a substantial gross payload of 975Kg and ensures a secure and stable driving experience with its Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and hill start assist. Safety and efficiency are further enhanced by the ABS braking system and an automatic fuel cut-off mechanism, while the cruise control with variable speed limiter facilitates a relaxed and controlled driving experience, particularly on long journeys. Moreover, the Citroen Connect Box with emergency and assistance system provides an additional layer of safety and support – ensuring that the vehicle is a reliable choice for transporting goods, aswell as being a secure and technologically advanced option for drivers and businesses alike.

View Citroen Dispatch XL 1400 Enterprise Edition 145ps


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Citroen Dispatch Specifications

The Citroen Dispatch shines as a beacon of capability, evidenced by its comprehensive specifications and dimensions. Able to handle a substantial payload of up to 1446kg, it’s primed for tasks that require a robust transporter. The vehicle is available in several lengths, including the spacious XL, the balanced M, and the agile XS, ensuring it suits various requirements. Its adaptability is further emphasized by the diverse models, such as the crew cab designed for collaborative transport and the combi for those requiring a mix of passenger and cargo space. Powering the Dispatch are the reliable 1.5-litre or 2.0 diesel Euro 6.2 BlueHDi engines, marrying performance with efficiency. And with an impressive 23 different versions, including the innovative FULLY Electric e-Dispatch, there’s undoubtedly a Dispatch model that aligns with every individual or business need.



Citroen Dispatch Features & Design

The Citroen Dispatch medium van has two distinct specifications: the Enterprise Edition and the Driver Edition, each crafted to cater to individual needs. While the Dispatch emphasises comfort in its interiors, it’s essential to remember its core purpose: a van designed with business in mind. Some models even have a unique pivoting writing table integrated into the central storage compartment. The standard trim includes air conditioning, cruise control, DAB radio, smartphone compatibility, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, and so much more.


Citroen Dispatch Efficiency & Sustainability

Boasting a diverse engine lineup, the Citroen Dispatch offers power options from 100HP to 180HP. For those prioritising fuel efficiency, the 1.5-litre engine delivering 100bhp stands out; it releases a modest 174g/km of CO2 and boasts fuel efficiency figures between 38.9mpg and 45.3mpg. Notably, the electric e-Dispatch variant is available exclusively as an automatic. This electric model provides options of a 50kWh or 75kWh battery, with a potential range of up to 196 miles per charge and swift recharging capabilities. It presents a compelling alternative to traditional diesel engines while ensuring a smooth driving experience. Regardless of your choice, all Dispatch models are designed to optimise operating costs efficiently.


Why Lease a Van with Crusader?


Here are just a few reasons why you should consider leasing a Citroen Dispatch with us here at Crusader Vans:


Seamless Convenience

With Crusader, the leasing process is streamlined for ease, ensuring you get on the road quickly and with minimal hassle. We’re not a lender, so we can help you find the best dispatch lease deals quickly and easily.


Tailored Affordability

We understand every individual or business has unique financial considerations. Our leasing packages are designed to provide maximum value, allowing you to optimise your budget without skimping on quality.


Wide Vehicle Selection

Our extensive range ensures you have access to the latest van models, ensuring a perfect match for both your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. If you specifically require a large load capacity or extra features, let us know, and we can find the perfect van for you.


Dedicated Support

Our team is with you from when you consider leasing to when you drive off. We guide you through every step, from vehicle selection to paperwork, ensuring a smooth experience.


A Trusted Partnership

At Crusader, we view each lease as a partnership. We’re committed to understanding your needs and ensuring you have the tools and vehicles to drive your ventures to success.





Crusader Vans have been providing Citroen van leasing offers for over ten years and can quote you for any van on a range of finance packages from finance lease to contract hire. The four main types of Van Leasing Finance options Crusader Vans provide is summarised below:


 Van Contract Hire

This is when you lease the vehicle for a set period of time at a fixed monthly cost. With this, there is also the option of a maintenance package. You can benefit from a low deposit.

Learn more on Contract Hire here.


Van Hire Purchase

This is when you pay for your Citroen Van in regular instalments while using it. Monthly repayments are VAT free. Once you complete the payments, you then own the vehicle. This is also known as ‘rent to buy vans’.

Learn more on Hire Purchase here.


Van Lease Purchase

Similar to a hire purchase, you pay for your van in regular instalments while using it. The difference is that you own the vehicle upright.

Learn more on Lease Purchase here.


Van Finance Lease

This is similar to a hire purchase but has different tax implications and accounting treatments. The repayment period is longer, and VAT is paid monthly. You can benefit from a low deposit.

Learn more On Finance Lease here.


Citroen Dispatch Lease FAQs


We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Citroen Dispatch Lease deals below:


Is leasing a work van a good idea?

Leasing a work van can be great for many businesses and individuals. It offers several advantages. Up-to-Date Models – You get access to the latest van models without the high upfront costs of purchasing. Predictable Expenses – With fixed monthly payments, you can budget effectively. Flexibility – At the end of the lease term, you can upgrade to a newer model, ensuring your business always operates with modern vehicles. Maintenance Packages – Some lease deals include maintenance, which can save on service costs.

However, assessing your long-term business needs, excess mileage charges and requirements, and financial situation is essential to determine if leasing is the best option for you.


Can you buy a van at the end of a lease?

Yes, many lease agreements offer a “purchase option” at the end of the lease term. This allows you to buy the van for a predetermined price. If you find that the van suits your needs and you’d prefer to keep it, this can be a cost-effective way to purchase, especially if the buyout price is less than the vehicle’s current market value.


What happens if you damage a leased van?

If you damage a leased van, you’ll typically be responsible for getting it repaired before returning it at the end of the lease. If the van is returned with damage beyond “normal wear and tear,” you may incur additional charges. Reviewing your lease agreement’s terms and conditions regarding damage and wear is always a good idea. Additionally, ensuring you have the right insurance coverage can mitigate any potential costs related to damages.


What are the differences between the Citroen Dispatch Range?

The Citroen Dispatch XL is one of the size variants of the Citroen Dispatch range, offering a longer vehicle length which is ideal for businesses that need more cargo space without compromising on manoeuvrability. The Citroen e-Dispatch represents the brand’s leap into the electric vehicle market. This fully electric model provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuel engines. With options of different battery sizes, the e-Dispatch ensures a substantial driving range, making it suitable for urban deliveries and longer commutes alike. The Van Enterprise edition is a specification level of the Citroen Dispatch. Tailored for business use, the Enterprise edition typically comes with added features that provide extra convenience and comfort for daily use, such as enhanced infotainment systems, advanced safety features, and other amenities designed with the professional in mind.

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