Ford Transit Custom Lease

Ford has long had its reputation as one of the most reliable vehicle manufacturing companies for businesses and private customers. The Ford Transit Custom van has been one of their most popular vans for years due to its versatility, durability and reliability.

Here at Crusader Vans, we offer an extensive range of Ford Transit Custom lease deals. You can find new vehicles with affordable monthly payments through contract hire or purchase.

Take a look at our extensive range of Ford Van leasing options.



Ford Transit Custom Van Leasing

The Ford Transit Custom is one of Ford’s most popular vans for a good reason. Ford’s range of transit customs are incredibly spacious, affordable, and reliable long-term, making them perfect for businesses.

Their range includes various amazing features, including parking distance sensors, a double cab in van, cruise control, rear ladders, roof racks, numerous different body type styles, and an automatic gearbox – a step away from the old Custom’s transmission manual. If you’re environmentally conscious, Ford has various hybrid Transit Custom vans to choose from!

The Transit Custom range is available on various finance options and Transit Custom lease deals. To discuss vehicle data prices, call us today!



Ford Commercial Vehicle Options

We offer a range of popular Transit Custom models – here are a few of our most popular:


Ford Transit Custom

Spacious and versatile, the Ford Transit Custom is a classic medium van perfect for hauling cargo or your business customers. With a decent fuel economy, you can be sure that operating costs will be kept to a minimum, or take a look at our advanced diesel and hybrid options for even greater vehicle efficiency.


Ford Transit Custom Vortex

An exclusive sport van conversion kit brand known for its versatility, efficiency and comfort. This Transit Custom, available in diesel and petrol, ensures that your Ford van stands out from the rest!

View Our Models Below:

Transit Custom Limited Vortex Premium, Transit Custom Vortex RS


Ford Transit Custom Active

The Ford Transit Custom Active is a commercial crew van and a comfortable and spacious van for weekend use. A quality van that is durable and reliable for both work and personal use.

View the Ford Transit Custom Active here.


Ford Transit Custom Limited

A medium van known for its toughness, functionality and reliability. The Ford Transit Custom Limited now delivers an even more comprehensive range of innovative features and great technologies.

View the Ford Transit Customer Limited here.


Ford Transit Custom Hybrid

Many of our excellent Ford Transit Custom van deals are now also available as a plug-in hybrid! Ford has designed these hybrid vehicles to help you become more environmentally conscious, save money, and have less tax than a traditional diesel engine.

With exceptional safety features and adaptive cruise control, the hybrid Ford Transit Custom also offers great mileage for businesses within a city or local area.

See more Ford Transit options available here.



Why Choose A Hybrid Ford Transit Custom Lease?

Opting for a hybrid Ford Transit Custom lease is a wise choice for the modern driver or business. With a hybrid, you not only get to enjoy the environmental benefits and efficiency of an electric vehicle but also the peace of mind that comes with the proven reliability of a petrol engine.

These Transit Custom lease deals are particularly attractive for those keen on reducing their carbon footprint without compromising on range or performance. The hybrid technology ensures optimal fuel economy, significantly decreasing the frequency of petrol station stops.

Moreover, the integration of electric power often provides smoother acceleration and quieter operation, enhancing the overall driving experience. With fluctuating fuel prices and a growing emphasis on eco-friendly solutions, a hybrid lease deal stands out as both an economical and sustainable choice.

For more information, contact our helpful team!


Ford Transit Custom


Ford Custom Contract Hire Agreement

Contract Hire is a popular option that many of our customers prefer. This refers to a fixed period and a set price that includes additional maintenance package options. Simply search for the van you want and the duration, and we will offer you a transit custom van for a fantastic price! Customers love our Contract hire packages.


The Benefits of Van Leasing

Leasing a van, especially models as dependable as the Ford Transit Custom, has gained popularity among businesses and individuals alike. But beyond the allure of affordable monthly payments, several advantages exist, and can be a great way to lease the Ford Transit Custom range:


Cost-Effective Solution

Leasing is often more affordable than buying outright, especially when considering the initial outlay. By breaking down the cost into monthly instalments, individuals and businesses can manage their finances more efficiently. This also allows them to redirect saved capital into other areas that might need attention or investment. A higher deposit often leads to lower monthly payments, meaning you can get the best value deal for your money.


Access to the Latest Models

One of the notable benefits of leasing is the opportunity to upgrade to the newest models at the end of a lease term. This ensures you or your business is always equipped with the latest features, safety enhancements, and fuel efficiency improvements, without the need to buy a new van every few years.


Flexibility in Contract Terms

Leasing agreements are flexible, with options for varying lengths of time and mileage allowances. This means you can select a contract that best suits your needs, whether you require the van for a short project or longer-term use.


Preservation of Credit

By opting to lease instead of purchase, you might avoid tying up credit lines. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses looking to preserve their borrowing capacity for other ventures or investments.


Hassle-Free End of Term Options

At the end of the lease term, there are typically multiple options available. Whether you choose to return the van, lease a new one, or sometimes even purchase the van at a reduced rate, the process is designed to be seamless and convenient.



Why Choose Crusader Vans?

Here at Crusader Vans, we offer excellent vehicles from the Ford Transit Custom van range, available through various finance options. Contract hire, low monthly rentals, and other finance options can find you the best price for your desired model. We’re specialists in van leasing, so you can be sure you’ll find the perfect medium-sized van for you, with competitive fixed monthly payments.

Our fantastic customer services will guide you through the process, and our team can help you to find the best van for your needs. With Crusader Vans, you won’t encounter hidden clauses or obscure terms in the fine print. Instead, we focus on delivering straightforward, honest leasing options on a spectrum of top-notch vehicles. We simply offer leasing on a range of impressive vehicles for you today!

So, why wait? Speak to our team and find the perfect medium van tailored just for you.



Ford Transit FAQs

Here at Crusader Vans, we get asked quite a few questions regarding our new Ford Transit Custom range. Here are a couple of the most common ones, along with our answers.


How long will a Ford Transit Custom Lease Last?

A Ford Transit Custom lease typically lasts until the overall value of the van has been paid. During the lease term, you will pay monthly fees to cover the cost of the vehicle’s depreciation, plus any taxes and fees. This applies to all van leasing options for the duration of your leasing agreement.


Is the Ford Transit Custom available as a Hybrid?

Yes, the Ford Transit Custom is available as a Hybrid. The Transit Custom Hybrid is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) with an electric range of up to 31 miles and a CO2 emissions rating of 49g/km. The Transit Custom Hybrid is powered by a 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine and an electric motor. It features a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged from a domestic socket or public charger. Additionally, the Transit Custom is available in both panel van and double-cab-in-van body styles.


Can a new limited company lease a van?

Yes, a new limited company can lease a van. However, the leasing company might require additional checks or documentation for new businesses. Typically, a leasing company will look at the financial stability of the company. For new businesses without an established credit history, the leasing company might request personal guarantees from the directors or require a larger initial deposit. It’s always advisable for new companies to discuss their circumstances with the leasing provider to understand the specific requirements and terms.


How much does a Ford Transit Custom cost?

The cost to lease a Ford Transit Custom varies based on several factors, including the lease term’s length, the specific model and features chosen, initial deposit, annual mileage limits, and the leasing company’s terms. Monthly leasing rates for a Ford Transit Custom in the UK start from approximately £250 to £400 for basic models, but this can vary significantly based on the mentioned variables. For the most accurate and up-to-date leasing rates, contacting multiple leasing providers.


What credit score do I need for van finance?

The credit score required for van finance usually varies depending on the finance company and the loan or lease agreement terms. Higher credit scores (often in the ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ range) can lead to more favourable interest rates and terms. However, even if a credit score isn’t a factor, other elements such as income, employment history, and debt-to-income ratio might still play a role in the approval process. Before seeking finance, it’s always a good idea to understand the provider’s specific requirements and review one’s financial position.


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