What is Van Leasing?

Van leasing is a cheaper alternative to getting a brand new van and can be done for both personal and corporate use. A van lease is a long-term rental agreement where a customer hires a van for an agreed term. During this period the lessee will pay a monthly fee for the agreed term and at the end of the contract, the lessee must return the vehicle to the retailer or extend the van rental period.


Is Van Leasing For Me?

Van Leasing is an affordable way to drive a brand new vehicle every 2 – 3 years, allowing you to drive a vehicle of your choice whilst avoiding MOTs and unforeseen bills. Having access to new models once your lease contract ends means you have full access to the newer models, technologies and safety features without going through the hassle of selling your vehicle and purchase a new one.


Our Order Process

Our order process is both detailed yet quick to ensure that you end up with your ideal vehicle on the right finance. Our contact hire deals enable quick, cheap van leasing for you and your business.


  • The Talk – Having an in-depth discussion about what you’re looking for including van finance packages and costs.
  • The Proposal – Once you’re happy, we will need to get a line of finance. We will take a finance proposal from you and seek approval.
  • Ordering – We will send you an order form confirming the full specifications of the vehicle and the financial details. You will be able to sign the form digitally so that we get it back quicker!
  • Documents & Accessories – Once your vehicle is ready, we’ll send out the finance documents and book any accessories to be fitted. Once we have everything back, we will organise the delivery.
  • Delivery – Once all of the aforementioned steps are complete, your vehicle will be delivered to your desired location – for FREE.


Personal leasing is when an individual hires a vehicle for private use only. Many have said this to be a cheaper alternative from a bank loan or dealer finance – as not only do you get access to newer vehicles once your contract ends, but also you have the option to purchase the vehicles through lease or hire purchase. Although personal leasing doesn’t have the same tax benefits as corporate van leasing does, there are many other benefits that make personal leasing perfect for you. Some of the benefits include:


  • Flexible initial payment.
  • Fixed term contract.
  • Fixed mileage contract.
  • Option to include maintenance with the contract.


Corporate leasing primarily meant for businesses that require van leasing for a fleet of vehicles. Many businesses would rather lease a vehicle rather than buy one not only to access to multiple brand new vehicles at a low cost but because you can include servicing and MOT within the van lease agreement – making any unforeseen payments or damages less of a hassle.


There are also many tax benefits that are available to corporate van leasing which include:


  •  VAT 100% Reclaimable.
  • Access to new vehicles.
  • Coporation tax benefits for sub- 130g/km vehicles.
  • Customisable option


All our vehicles are provided by UK main dealers and we don’t supply imports! This means you get the same van as if you went to your local dealer, but with a choice of finance and a dedicated van sales team!


We will deliver your new van, anywhere on the UK mainland, absolutely FREE of charge! Based on an island? We’ll deliver to a mainland port for you to collect!


Unlike other companies, we order 1000’s of vehicles for stock, every year. This means we have a lot more control and don’t have to rely on third party’s.


We started selling vans online in December 2004 and we haven’t looked back. Our success comes down to ‘doing what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it’.


Our staff know what’s what when it comes to vans. With continuous training, experienced directors and a can do approach, we’re sure we can get the right van and the right finance, first time.


Our vans are UK supplied, which means you get the same standard warranty and breakdown cover as if you were dealing with a main dealer.

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