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The French motor manufacturer started out by building armaments for France during WWI. With their shift into automotive market in the 1920’s Citroen have had commercial vehicles at heart. With the iconic 2CV being designed with the idea that it should be able to carry four people plus 50kg of farm goods to market across muddy and unpaved roads.


This commitment has carried on to today with Citroen vans such as the Berlingo and Relay being among some of the most popular on British roads:


  • The Citroen Nemo is the smallest and nimble van in the range. It’s perfect for navigating tight and winding city streets.
  • The Citroen Berlingo is a perfectly versatile small panel van. Giving you a lot of carrying space in compact body. The Berlingo is one of our go to small vans.
  • The Citroen Dispatch is a medium sized van that’s modern and stylist. The Dispatch has been designed to be as convenient and safe as possible.
  • The Citroen Relay is the workhorse of the Citroen fleet. Available in range of lengths and heights. Making the Relay one of go to choices for large vans.


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Crusader Vans have been providing Citroen Van Lease Offers for over 10 years and can quote you for any van on a range of finance packages from finance lease to contract hire. The 4 main types of Van Leasing Finance options Crusader Vans provide is summarised below:


  • Van Contract Hire, this is when you lease the vehicle for a set period of time at a fixed monthly cost. With this there is also the option of a maintenance package. You can benefit from a low deposit.
  • Van Hire Purchase, this is when you pay for your Mercedes Van in regular instalments while using it. Monthly repayments are VAT free. Once you complete payments, you then own the vehicle. This is also known as ‘rent to buy vans’.
  • Van Lease Purchase, similar to hire purchase, you pay for your van in regular instalments while using it. The difference is that you own the vehicle upright.
  • Van Finance Lease, this is also similar to hire purchase but has different tax implications and accounting treatments. The repayment period is longer and VAT is paid monthly. You can benefit from a low deposit.


You can read more about our van lease on finance options.



We offer insurance to cover every aspect of your business, including Van Insurance, Tradesman Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Office Insurance, Directors and Officers Cover, Office and Shop Insurance. You also get warranty, breakdown cover, and free UK delivery with every purchase.


For more information on the Citroen Van Lease industry, see the latest Citroen Van Lease News.

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