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Most of Ford’s range of vans fall under their Transit family of vans. The exceptions are the car-derived Fiesta Van and their pick-up Ranger. The Ranger is one of the leading pick-ups on the UK roads and has many influences coming across from Ford’s iconic American F150 range of pick-ups.


We offer a range of leasing options on the best selling Ford vehicles. If you want a small or large vehicle, you can find an amazing available range of options with Ford.


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Here are some of the vehicles we offer:


Ford Transit

  • The Ford Transit is synonymous with the van driver on the UK road. The first Transit hit British roads in 1965 and we haven’t looked back since. The Transit and other Ford vans are the backbone of many businesses. Ford still set the standard of what we expect from a van. Ford’s Transit range of vans comprises four different models Courier, Connect, Custom and Original Transit.


Ford Transit Courier

  • The Ford Transit Courier is the smallest member of the Transit family and despite its size unlike the Fiesta is a thoroughbred van packed with many features you would expect to see on a van double its size.


Ford Transit Connect

  • The Ford Transit Connect is the perfect van for those wanting to carry a large load but still need a van nimble enough to fit up those tight windy city roads.


Ford Transit Custom

  • The Ford Transit Custom is the UK’s bestselling van for good reason. With its combination of good looks and driveability, it is one of the most recognisable vans on UK roads.


Large Ford Transit

  • The large Ford Transit has been designed for those looking to get down to business. Available in a range of heights, lengths and derivatives. We even have the Ford Fiesta van coming soon.


Ford Ranger

  • The Ford Ranger is a reliable large pickup truck. For a small business or just casual personal use, the Ford Ranger is a perfect option. It gets great mileage and offers a great ride.


Why choose a
Ford Transit Van?

Ford Transit Vans has been at the forefront of the industry for years. For commercial jobs or business jobs, Ford continues to make amazing vehicles, from diesel to petrol, you can have a new Ford van for an affordable price. Choose the model you want and call us today to find out about our amazing Ford lease deals and why leasing can work for you.


Why Choose Crusader Vans

Find the vehicle you want available on amazing lease deals. Commercial vehicles, best selling models, are all available through Crusader Vans. We have amazing customer service to help you through the process so you leave with the Ford Transit van you need!



Crusader Vans have been providing Ford Van Leasing Offers for over 10 years and can quote you for any van on a range of finance packages from finance lease to contract hire. The 4 main types of Van Leasing Finance options Crusader Vans provide is summarised below:


 Van Contract Hire

  • This is when you lease the vehicle for a set period of time at a fixed monthly cost. With this, there is also the option of a maintenance package. You can benefit from a low deposit.


Van Hire Purchase

  • This is when you pay for your Ford Van in regular instalments while using it. Monthly repayments are VAT free as all the VAT is used as part of your initial payment. Once you complete payments, you then own the vehicle. This is also known as ‘rent to buy vans’.


Van Lease Purchase

  • Similar to hire purchase, you pay for your van in regular instalments while using it. The difference is that you own the vehicle outright.


Van Finance Lease

  • This is also similar to hire purchase but has different tax implications and accounting treatments. The repayment period is longer and VAT is paid monthly. You can benefit from a low deposit.



  • We offer insurance to cover every aspect of your business, including Van Insurance, Tradesman Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Office Insurance, Directors and Officers Cover, Office and Shop Insurance. You also get a warranty, breakdown cover, and free UK delivery with every purchase.


For more information on the Ford Van Leasing industry, see the latest Ford Van Leasing News.


Is Leasing Better Than Other Options?

Leasing is one of the best ways to have a brand new vehicle for an affordable price. With the contract, you pay a fixed amount each month. You don’t need to pay for the van outright, so you can budget better and have access to the latest vans that may have otherwise been out of your price range.


Depending on what you are looking for, leasing can be the best option for acquiring the latest models of Ford Transit Custom vehicles! Speak to one of our staff members today to discuss how leasing can work for you.

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