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Peugeot is a brand re-known for its range of versatile vehicles, including its vans – from the smaller, more compact Partner model (International Van of the Year 2019) to the heavy-duty Boxer. A popular choice in the commercial vehicles market, Peugeot offers a range of durable, efficient vans that are here for the long term.

Priding itself on quality and reasonable cost, Peugeot vans are designed for both comfort and durability on the road – making them a great choice for the active tradesperson.

Let’s take a look at some of the Peugeot van lease deals available:



peugeot partner van charging

The Peugeot Partner

  • The best-selling Peugeot Partner is a model of convenience and practicality. Despite its smaller size, it has a maximum payload of over 1000kg – making it highly convenient for the smaller business. Long considered the sister model to the Citroën Berlingo, what really separates the Peugeot Partner is its unique interior – it contains Peugeot’s novel i-Cockpit display, giving it the look and feel of a Peugeot passenger car. Its lower running costs, great versatility and useful technology, have made the Peugeot Partner a popular choice for road users.

    View our Peugeot Partner van leasing deals here.



peugeot expert van parked outside a warehouse


The Peugeot Expert

  • Rated for its great fuel economy and affordability, the medium-sized Peugeot Expert offers decent value to customers. Although not the largest for cab space, its decent payload capacity makes it great for transporting tools and materials between jobs. Light on steering and highly manoeuvrable, it’s also great for turning tight corners. With its easy handling and impressive suspension, the Peugeot Expert is designed for a top-notch driving experience.

    View our Peugeot Expert van leasing deals here.



white peugeot boxer van

The Peugeot Boxer

  • An old-school heavyweight in the van world, the Peugeot Boxer is the workhorse of the Peugeot fleet. Despite being one of Peugeot’s oldest vans on the market, the Peugeot Boxer keeps itself relevant with repeated updates, and with payload capacity reaching up to nearly 1,500 kg, it continues to have one of the largest payloads of any large van. Powerful, with a decent fuel economy and lots of space inside, the Peugeot Boxer has earned its name as a model of efficiency and practicality.

    View our Peugeot Boxer van leasing deals here.


Why Choose A Peugeot Van?

Peugeot represents high-quality, reliable, and expert manufacturing. Building its first manufacturer cars in 1889, the brand has since developed its engineering, design, and technology to produce a range of sophisticated, feature-rich, and high-spec commercial vehicles. By investing in a brand-new Peugeot van, you can be sure that you’re investing in quality.


Why Choose Crusader Vans?

For over 20 years, Crusader Vans have offered UK customers top-rated van leasing deals. Working alongside the UK’s most popular van manufacturers, we provide each customer with a brand-new vehicle that matches their unique requirements, so you know you’ll be receiving a tailored service suited to your needs.

We’re also not a lender and instead offer bespoke finance packages to suit your budget. This ensures that all businesses have the car leasing option, as the lower monthly payments can be a convenient way to finance a new van.

If you’re looking to lease a Peugeot van, we have a range of Peugeot lease options to suit your needs.



Crusader Vans have been providing Peugeot van leasing deals for over ten years; we can quote you on any van in our selection through finance lease or contract hire options.


 Van Contract Hire

By far the most popular leasing option, contract hire is when you choose to lease a vehicle for a set period at a fixed monthly rental cost, including an initial payment.

At Crusader Vans, when you hire a Peugeot van on contract, there is also the option of adding maintenance packages that would save you money on insurance in case of any claims.

Learn more on van contract hire here.


Van Finance Lease

Similar to contract hire, a finance lease comes with monthly rental payments. The differences are that you can not add maintenance packages, the terms are generally longer, and you also have the option of owning the vehicle by paying a lump sum at the end of the lease.

With Crusader Vans, you will be given a fixed-term agreement that meets your budget and receives no fixed annual mileage requirement.

Learn more on van finance leasing here.


Van Lease With Insurance

We work with A-Plan, one of the UK’s largest van insurance companies, offering quality insurance deals for our Peugeot range.

For more information on our insurance deals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Peugeot Van Lease FAQs:

We’ve summarised some of the most commonly-asked questions on van leasing:


Can I lease a van with a new Ltd company?

Yes, a new business can access business leasing deals. Providing that you meet the requirements, you will be able to lease a van, as a new company. Leasing a van may well be the most sensible option for your business, due to the high cost of purchasing a van outright. Another benefit is that you won’t be putting money into an asset that will likely lose its value over time.


Is leasing a van tax efficient?

A couple of big tax advantages of leasing a van for business exist. The main advantage is that monthly lease payments are tax-deductible, and you can also claim 100% VAT back on your monthly payments, assuming your business is VAT-registered.


Is it best to lease a van if self-employed?

Absolutely! There are several advantages to leasing a van over buying one when self-employed. These include saving the expense of purchasing a van outright, lower (tax-deductible) monthly payments, being able to claim 100% VAT back (if VAT-registered), full manufacturer’s warranty, access to the latest van models once your current lease is expired, and no depreciation risks.


Is a van lease 100% tax deductible??

Yes, as you don’t own the vehicle and it’s an ongoing expense, the tax is 100% deductible. If you meet all the criteria, your business can claim the tax back every financial year.

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