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With a longstanding presence in the UK’s vehicle manufacturing landscape, Vauxhall offers a comprehensive range of commercial vehicles, extending a tradition of quality and reliability. The brand, which has also produced vehicles under the Bedford name, notably manufactures Vauxhall models like the well-regarded Vivaro, within its UK plants. Vauxhall presents a wide array of van options, reflecting its robust history in the sector and providing versatile choices for diverse leasing needs.


    • The Vauxhall Combo is an optimal choice for tasks requiring a small van, designed with the efficiency and agility of a car-derived vehicle in mind. View our Vauxhall Combo lease deals.
    • The Vauxhall Vivaro presents a distinctive blend of style and functionality in the mid-sized van market, offering a sporty aesthetic and robust performance. We offer the Vauxhall Vivaro Vortex for those seeking an enhanced, unique, athletic appearance. View our Vauxhall Vivaro lease deals.
    • The Vauxhall Movano, catering to requirements for larger vans, this vehicle can adeptly handle substantial tasks while maintaining the characteristic style and drivability intrinsic to its smaller counterparts. View our Vauxhall Movano lease deals.

You can view our Vauxhall Van Leasing Deals.


Crusader Vans, boasting over a decade of expertise in offering Vauxhall Van Lease Offers, provides a suite of finance packages tailored to your needs, ensuring class-leading fuel economy with models like the Combo Cargo, a recipient of accolades such as the Great British Fleet Awards. Our diverse finance options encompass:


  • Van Contract Hire offers a fixed monthly cost lease with optional maintenance packages, enabling you to utilise a vehicle for a determined period with the benefit of a low deposit.
  • Van Hire Purchase, known as ‘rent to buy vans’, facilitates paying for your van through regular, VAT-free instalments, culminating in vehicle ownership.
  • Van Lease Purchase, follows a similar structure to a hire purchase but secures outright vehicle ownership from the outset.
  • Van Finance Lease diverges with its distinct tax implications and accounting treatments, offering longer repayment periods and monthly VAT payments while presenting the advantage of a low deposit.


Prizing driver comfort and class-leading payload, especially in models with front-wheel drive, Crusader Vans provides leasing solutions and becomes a reliable partner in your vehicular journey. Dive deeper into our van lease finance options for more detailed information.

You can read more about our van lease on finance options.



We offer insurance to cover every aspect of your business, including Van Insurance, Tradesman Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Office Insurance, Directors and Officers Cover, and Office and Shop Insurance. You also get a warranty, breakdown cover, and free UK delivery with every purchase.

 For more information on the Vauxhall Van Lease industry, see the latest Vauxhall Van Lease News.



Embark on a hassle-free Vauxhall van leasing journey with Crusader Vans Ltd, a family-owned business rooted in East Sussex for over 18 years, dedicated to simplifying your vehicle acquisition with a transparent and client-centric approach.

Boasting the successful supply of over 16,000 vehicles nationwide, our firm, enriched with a team accumulating over 25 years of industry expertise, leverages robust relationships with premier vehicle manufacturers, dealer groups, and finance companies across the UK, ensuring you benefit from exceptional savings derived from our substantial bulk-buying acumen. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we prioritise your interests, ensuring every lease, encapsulated with our extensive industry knowledge and adherence to evolving legislations and best practices, transcends mere transactionality, offering a personalised, secure, and remarkably effortless leasing experience.



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